Trump Has It Out For Mexicans – Threatens Another Shutdown


President Trump has a solution for the gang violence problem, keep all Mexicans out of the United States.

In a recent meeting with lawmakers and law enforcement officials that focused on combatting gang violence, the 45th President stated that, “Frankly I’ll go a step further, If we don’t change the legislation, if we don’t get rid of these loopholes where killers are allowed to come into our country and continue to kill. Gang membersand we’re (not) just talking about MS13, there are many gang members that we don’t even mention. If we don’t change it, let’s have a shutdown. We’ll do a shutdown, and it’s worth it for our country. I’d love to see a shutdown.”

Trump continues, stating, “We are so far behind the time, and by the way, the world is laughing at us…If we have to shut it down because the Democrats don’t want safety, then shut it down.”