Rat filmed showering like a human may have been in pain


We’ve got some very bad news for those who watched the bizarre video showing a rat apparently scrubbing itself down with soap while enjoying a nice warm shower.

On Monday, a video surfaced showing a rodent seemingly showering in Peru – behavior that is bizarre as it was so human-like.

But after doing some research, we found out the rat wasn’t having a warm, relaxing shower after all, it was likely in pain. At least that’s what Tuomas Aivelo, a researcher in urban rat biology at the University of Helsinki in Finland, says.

The weird footage, captured by a man named Jose Correa, showed the rat apparently scrubbing it’s body while completely covered in soap.

Aivelo told Gizmodo that the soap may have been an irritant and it was ‘totally possible’ the rat was in pain.

He said: ‘The movements are pretty strange. ‘A rat wouldn’t do that unless there’s something it really wants to get rid of. I think it’s soapy all over.

‘That’s probably a problem for the rat. It just wants to get rid of the soap.’