Russian Nanny from Hell: A Sadistic Nanny Severs Off The Head Of A 4 Year Old Girl And Takes It Public To Wave It Around.





Some very DISTURBING news is trending from Russia. A Nanny has been apprehended and charged with Severing off the head of a child she was hired to care for. The Nanny then took the DECAPITATED head public to wave it around. According to sources, the woman is named Gyulchehru Bobokulovu. She worked as a nanny in Moscow for a upper class family, Ekaterina and Vladimir M.

Today, police spotted the nanny outside of the “October field” metro station in Moscow waving the HEAD of 4 year old girl she was supposed to be caring for. Police quickly apprehended the nanny, by tackling and pinning her to the ground. During the scuffle, the poor child’s head fell out of her hand, DISTURBINGLY -rolling down the street. WTF!

Allegedly, the deranged nanny worked with the family for almost six months. The family says they never noticed “nothing suspicious in her behavior”. WOW

Four facts about the child:

  • The Girl was 4 years old
  • She Suffered from a Mental Illness(Not Specified)
  • She was Wheel Chair Bound
  • She had Cognitive Delays.