NYC Bomber Man Facebook Post On Trump Prior to Failed Attack


Akayed Ullah, the “psycho” who detonated a pipe bomb near New York City’s Port Authority, was not too happy with President Donald Trump.

In a Facebook post earlier that day, Ullah wrote, “Trump you failed to protect your nation.” Investigators also got a hold of Ullah’s passport which contained a handwritten note inside that read, “O America, die in your rage.”

Ullah was reportedly inspired by the ISIS’s Christmas propaganda, saying “I did it for the Islamic State.” Ullah claims his brazen attack was prompted by Israeli activity in Gaza. According to the federal complaint against Ullah, he began his radicalization in 2014 and began researching homemade explosives about a year ago.

Ullah is from Bangladesh and has been lawfully living in the United States since 2011 on an F42 family immigrant visa, according to Department of Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Houlton.

Ullah had 2 bombs strapped to his body at the time of the incident, but one did not explode. Both bombs were made at his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The pipe bomb that detonated was made out of a battery, wires, metal screws and a Christmas tree light bulb. No information was given on the second bomb.

The “low-tech device,” as Governor Cuomo called it, only partially detonated or the damage could have been worse. Five people at the scene were treated for minor injuries. Ullah’s severe injuries are currently being treated at Bellvue hospital.

Ullah faces three state and five federal terrorism-related charges for the incident. (Don’t be like Ullah)