NFL Coach Quits After Side Chick Leaks Cocaine Snorting Video


Shocking footage shows #Dolphins offensive line coach #ChrisFoerster snorting coke before a meeting | #littmobtv

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Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster quits after a video surfaced showing him sniffing cocaine and claiming he was on his way to a meeting.

In the video, which was taken inside the Dolphins’ offices, Foerster appears to be talking to a woman, telling her how much he misses her. The former coach then says: ‘I’m about to go into a meeting but I’m going to do this before I go’, before using a $20 bill to snort the cocaine.

The video was posted to Twitter and Facebook by a woman named Kijuana Nige who claims to have dated Foerster.

Foerster’s boss, head coach Adam Gase, announced Foerster has chosen to resign in a recent video.

Gase told reporters that he had learned about the video on Sunday night and spoke with Foerster on the phone not long afterwards. Gase said he didn’t know how to react to it and said Foerster was ‘mad at himself’ but the team has to move on.