Michael Jordan Caught Wearing Mystery Jordans on Vacation


Sneaker-heads are going insane after Michael Jordan himself was spotted with unknown Jordans.

While on vacation in Barbados with his wife, paparazzi were able to spy on the legend as he went yachting.

According to TMZ, “The G.O.A.T” was walking around with a pair of Jordans in his hands. Here’s the catch, no one’s ever seen them before. TMZ staff speculated if they are “unreleased, prototype Jordans” or “custom-made one of ones.”

“The last time we saw Jordan, it was on date night with his wife and he was wearing a pair of $400 Jordan shoes, and people went crazy because people really care about which shoes Michael Jordan wears. He has access to every Jordan shoe ever made. The prototypes, the unreleased stuff, so they want to see which ones he chooses to wear. He’s the ultimate tastemaker. His image is on all the shoes.”