KKK membership Fliers Distributed Outside High School Football Game

A local North Carolina KKK group left recruitment fliers outside during a recent Gray’s Creek High School football game. (Google Maps)

KKK membership fliers were distributed at a high school football game in Eastern North Carolina as part of recruitment efforts by the violent hate group.

Parents and students were shocked to discover fliers, left by the Loyal White Knights of the KKK, stuck to the windshields of their parked vehicles outside Gray’s Creek High School in Hope Mills, N.C., last Friday

A parent shared a photo of the flier, which basically said the removal of Confederate flags and monuments is an attack on the white race and America, with school leaders and the Fayetteville Observer.

James Spears, the leader of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, confirmed that a member placed flyers on the vehicles.

Gray’s Creek High School Principal Lisa Stewart told the Fayetteville Observer Monday that the “unapproved” KKK fliers left on vehicles during the school’s football game Friday night violated a campus policy that prohibits the distribution of material that contains hate speech, among other things

“We are aware of the unapproved distribution of material on the campus of Gray’s Creek High School Friday night (10/6) during the football game which is currently being investigated,” Principal Lisa Stewart said in a statement.