Kanye West ‘Step Father’ Explains How Yeezy Was Disobedient And Didn’t Want To Clean The Ring He Left Around The Bathtub


The Facts Of Yeezy Childhood According To His Step Dad

  • Willie Scott(Kanye’s step dad) was in a six-year romantic relationship with Dr Donda West, Kanye’s mother
  • Kanye and his mom relocated to Scott’s house and he treated Kanye like he was his own child
  • In his interview with Daily Mail Online, Willie reveals that Yeezy refused to help with anything in his home or disobeyed his rules 
  • Kanye refused to do chores like, clean the bathroom, walk the dog and other household chores
  • Willie dabbed on Dr Donda and left her hanging and heart broken over her refusal to control her son
  • Dr Donda referred to Yeezy(kanye) as a ‘genius’ 
  • According to Mr Scott, Kanye did not want him to be with his mother ‘He was wrapped up in his mother’ said Willie
  • Scott believes that Kanye’s passion for writing rap in his bedroom was an easy escape route for not doing the household chores that were assigned to him

See, Kanye was a born psychopath

Come on, the guy thought he can run for president for christ sakes. (LOL)

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