Judge Calls Meek Mill’s Lawyer a ‘Circus Clown’


Meek Mill and Judge Genece Brinkley are enemies at the moment. Brinkley has been the judge in charge of Meek’s freedom for the last few years while the Philadelphia rapper finishes probation. Meek is currently housed in a Pennsylvania prison for violating his probation last year. While incarcerated, Meek has been desperately attempting to appeal the prison sentence, and last month his legal counsel publicly accused Judge Brinkley of making biased decisions when sentencing him. Meek’s lawyer said Brinkley attempted to persuade Meek to switch managers and hire one of her friends instead. When Meek refused, the judge was highly upset.

Now, Judge Brinkley’s lawyer spoke out in an interview with TMZ to defend his client. “Joe Tacopina is a circus clown,” states A. Charles Peruto Jr. in regards to Meek Mill’s lawyer.