5 Teens charged with murder after rock thrown from I-75 overpass in Michigan kills man


5 teens have been charged with murder in connection with the recent death of a 32-year-old man killed when a rock was thrown off an overpass on I-75 in Vienna Township.

Kenneth White was a passenger in a van that was traveling along I-75 near Flint, Michigan, on the night of October 18, when a six-pound rock plowed through the windshield of the van and struck him in the face and head. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Four other vehicles were struck with large rocks and were waiting for police to arrive when the van was hit. No other injuries were reported, according to authorities.

All five teens, ages 15-17, were charged as adults with second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit second-degree murder and six felony counts of malicious destruction of property.

Murderers: Kyle Anger, 17; Mark Sekelsky, 16; Mikadyn Payne, 16; Trevor Gray, 15; and Alexander Miller, 15, are all from Clio, Michigan.