Thot Tells 911 She Was Drugged And Beat at French Montana’s Party


TMZ releases 911 call audio from a woman who was kicked out and allegedly beat up at French Montana’s 33rd birthday party, last month.

TMZ released the 10-minute long 911 transcript obtained from that night, and in the audio, the woman placing the call claims she was drugged, raped , beat and kicked out.

“At French Montana’s house. They gave us drugs. They took our shoes, and they kicked us out,” the unidentified accuser says in the audio. While attempting to give her full account of the situation, she alleged to have taken shape; the woman continually informed the operator that she was being pushed and harassed as they spoke. “These guys tried to rape us. They literally kicked us out naked and they hit us,” she is heard saying at one point.

On 11/07/2017, TMZ first reported that hours after a celebration kicked off in Beverly Hills, at French’s Calabasas mansion, one woman was shown the exist after getting into a physical altercation. In the newly released 911 call audio, you can hear the caller struggling to identify her location. However, when authorities and paramedics arrived, they evaluated the women involved in the fist fight but didn’t find sufficient evidence to support the claims that were made by the woman during the 911 call.