Dog thrown to a hungry polar bear to save woman


Shocking: The terrifying moment a man in russia launched a dog in attempt to save a woman from a vicious polar bear

 According to sources, the woman’s failed attempt to feed the polar bear chicken bones led to the ferocious attack.

Location: Cape Schmidt in Chukotka on Russia’s eastern border


Man with his hands on the dogs back and neck standing on top of a shipping container.

The Russian man had to make a sudden decision

Picture Above: The man standing on the shipping container is seen with his hands on the dogs neck and lower back, seconds before he launched the dog to the polar bear seen in the alley.

Dog air bound just seconds before being savagely attacked by the bear in the dark corner.

According to Witnesses, he had no time to think twice and launched the dog in desperation save the woman. 

When the dog hit the ground, just a inches away from the bear, it bounced straight into the aggressive animal. 

At that point the helpless dog was viciously attacked. Screaming in agonizing pain as heard in the video the innocent pooch managed to flee the scene. 

The bears focus suddenly went back to the woman. A bystander pitched a bottle at the bear causing him to retreat to the dark alley.

The woman whose clothes had been ripped to pieces by the bear managed to get on her feet and flee to safety.

According to local media, she has several non life threatening injuries. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Nothing extremely serious.

An open investigation was launched on the man who throw the dog a animal rights group.

The dogs condition is unknown………………..

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