Black-Owned Ride Sharing Company “Moovn” Takes The Torch After Riders Boycott Uber & Lyft



Riders across the country are deleting the Uber app from their mobile phones in response to the companies open support for Donald Trump.

Everyone thought Lyft would be our backup until word got out, exposing their connection to Trump as well.  For African-Americans, this is the perfect opportunity to support Black business and download “Moovn”, the ride sharing app that not only lets you schedule a ride on the fly, but also, schedule one weeks in advance.

The app, created by Godwin Gabriel, is currently available in seven cities in the United States, including New York City, Atlanta and San Fransisco. It’s also available in select cities in sub-Saharan Africa. Users of the app have the option to choose from local vehicle options ― like bikes ― available, especially in developing countries. Very cool.

Gabriel, a self taught coder and developer, developed the app with an idea to build a rival to the mainstream ride share companies that have nearly put livery cabs out of business. Gabriel believes Moovn is different from other ride-sharing apps already on the market because it aims to take the industry to cities bigger companies have overlooked.

Locations overlooked by other companies: The app is already operating in Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya and Gabriel’s hometown of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Moovn _ app
The Moovn app creator wants to open up the ride-sharing industry to underserved regions around the world, especially Africa.

Using Moovn will save money compared to Uber and Lyft as they do not have an increase in pricing, meanwhile other ride-sharing apps increase prices in “surge” or “prime time” hours.