[WATCH] Apple Unveils New Mac Book Pro, Touch Bar And Touch I.D



Apple MacBook Pro(Touch Bar & Touch ID)

Apple unveiled its newest MacBook Pro laptop, which includes a new interactive, customizable touch strip above the keyboard called Touch Bar on Thursday.

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Instead of a full-blown touchscreen like most new Windows computers, Apple answers with the Touch Bar. The new touch screen part of the keyboard. Touch Bar changes and adapts to whatever software the person is using at the time. For example, if you’re in Safari, you’ll see shortcuts. If your in the Photos apps, you can scroll through photos, apply filters, and make some edits.

Mac Book Pro Touch Bar 2016

As you’re typing, Touch Bar can show quick-type suggestions or emojis, like the iPhone keyboard does. It’s also customizable with the most useful settings for a user.

Touch ID is also another feature added into the Touch Bar where the power button has been located. It allows users to log into their devices with their thumbprints (you can also have multiple accounts for shared family computers) and securely pay for items online with Apple Pay.